Empathy Server RanksEdit

Promotions (and demotions) are strictly at the discretion of staff. Ranks correlate to stages of server identity and earning a good reputation takes time. Asking for promotion is about the surest way to get banned. Each rank inherits the permissions of the rank before it, plus gains additional permissions:

  • CURIOUS: For players curious about finding a server (can introduce themselves, ask questions)
  • SEEKER: For players seeking an identity on Empathy  (can set up to 20 homes, use the /me command, and can also /back to previous death location; seekers can chop trees easier an with iron, gold, or diamond axe)
  • FRIEND: For players who demonstrated they can be trusted on Empathy  (can use colored text, wands with spells, and mob catcher)
  • ALLY: For players who have made Empathy their home  (can change the weather and set up shop)
  • ADVOCATE: For players who embody the spirit of Empathy  (can heal, feed, teleport, and /kick unruly players; Advocates can also repair enchanted items and keep their experience points upon death.)