Here is a list of the worlds you can play on the Empathy Server!

  • SURVIVAL: main survival map for all players. /warp sspawn
  • SURVIVAL_NETHER: nether to Survival world. /warp snspawn
  • EMPATHY_THE_END: the end that shares an inventory with Survival and Survival_Nether. /warp etespawn
  • EMPATHY: main spawn world; only admins build there. /warp espawn
  • PLOTWORLD: creative world with 100x100 plots, used for testing, contests, and occasionally gets reset. /warp pspawn
  • SANCTUARY: $5000 per entry, another Survival world. /warp saspawn
  • SANCTUARY_NETHER: nether that shares an inventory with Sanctuary. /warp sanspawn
  • SANCTUARY_THE_END: the end that shares an inventory with Sanctuary. /warp satespawn
  • HYPERION: PvP enabled, hard mode, survival map. Shares inventory with Sanctuary, Sanctuary_Nether, Hyperion_Nether, and Sanctuary_The_End.  /warp hspawn
  • Hyperion_NETHER: PvP enabled, hard mode, nether map. Shares an inventory with Sanctuary, Sanctuary_Nether, and Sanctuary_The_End. /warp hnspawn